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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  July 4, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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day 35 of the casey anthony trial. now, the jury finally has the case and starts considering her fate. i'm jon scott in for shepard smith. "the fox report" starts now. >> members of the jury, you may retire now to begin your deliberations. >> after weeks of battling, the lawyers got in their parting shots. >> there is nothing that is wrong with casey anthony that can't be explained using two words -- pathological liar. >> if you find casey anthony not guilty, they have not proved her guilt. >> now, it is for the jurors to
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decide. casey's fate is in their hands and her future is in the air. tonight, a potential life for death decision for the woman accused of murder. plus, restoring a flag that flew at ground zero. >> we are going to have some where between 20,000, maybe 30,000 stitchs. >> and fixing this flag may be healing some hearts. >> it meant so much to me as a needleworker, as a mother of an american soldier who willingly volunteered his service and lost his life doing so. >> tonight on the rise of freedom, the true fabric of america. but first, from fox, on this fourth of july, the jury in the casey anthony trial spent nearly six hours considering her fate on their first day of deliberations. so far, though, no verdict and just about an hour ago the judge dismissed the jurors until morning. the jury is considering a total
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of 7 charges against the central florida woman accused of killing her little girl. if the jury convicts casey anthony of murder or murder with aggravated child abuse she could get life in prison or a death sentence. the prosecution tried to shoot down the defense theory that little caylee's death was just an accidental drowning that snowballed out of control. >> no person would ever make the accidental death of a child look like murder. the defendant's actions during those 31 days and her response to this are completely inconsistent with what people do 100% of the time. >> prosecutors also pointed to pictures of casey out partying
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after her daughter's disappearance and argued that casey was the one who benefited by caylee's death. over the weekend the defense ridiculed that idea. >> she now wants her freedom? is that what you do to get freedom, you kill somebody? that's outrageous. that's nonsense. nobody is going to come looking for little caylee? she is going to get to party every day and every night? that's nonsense. that is complete and total nonsense. >> now, that is completely and totally up to the jury. phil keating has been covering the trial since it began a month ago. he is live outside the courtroom in orlando. any questions or issues from the jury thus far, phil? >> not one question so far presented by the jury. if and when they do perhaps tomorrow we will all be called back into the courtroom to have the question read in court. just about an hour ago judge perry convened the court. the jury walked in. casey anthony sat at the
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defense table looking quite animated as if she was in quite a positive mood here after six hours of deliberations without a verdict yet coming in. then in short order, judge perry sent the jury back to their hotel for sequestration. >> we are going to let you go for the evening, eat your dinner, get a good night's rest and maybe something else tonight. we will reconvene here in the morning at 8:30 where you can begin your deliberations. >> what that something special is the judge didn't say, maybe a movie. the jury all back at the hotel at this point. they leave in two window tinted vans escorted by the sheriff's department. they got out of here early because of the fourth of july celebration just two blocks from where we are and just
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missed this rainstorm in orlando. >> in order for the premeditated murder charge to stick the key for the state is the duct tape? >> absolutely. the duct tape combined with the chloroform searches on the internet and the stench, the smell of human decomposition testified to about casey's car. the duct tape, not just one piece, not two pieces but three pieces and during the closing arguements the state of florida hammered home that point to the jury. maybe one piece of tape could shut a kid up if that is what you are going to do in a child abusive way. three, this is only one intention and that is to suffocate that child. here is jeff ashton. >> on that we agree diswhrarks duct tape on caylee anthony's face came from the anthony home. but here is -- so the argument then goes well, george anthony having somehow discovered this
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drowning which we will talk to a few minutes ago, there is no evidence actually happened, for some reason decides to dispose of the evidence of this completely innocent accident and for some reason that no one can even propose decides to put duct tape on caylee's face. now, getting past the fact that there is just no conceivable reason why anybody would put duct tape on the face of a dead child. i said it before, people don't make accidents look like murder. that's absurd. >> one of the strongest lines from the lead prosecutor in front of the jury this morning was that if in fact caylee anthony truly did accidentally
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drown in the swimming pool her body would have been found in the water of that pool, not dumped in a swamp down the street. john? >> but the defense argues the duct tape as evidence is totally unreliable style >> that is true and it is key for them, nobody knows with absolute certainty exactly how that suct tape was placed on caylee anthony's face it f. in fact it was. the defense argued that mother nature moved the bones, rain, animals scattered and moved the bones so the bones were not in the position they were when they were originally dumped in the woods. this they pointed to roy kronk. he thought he saw a skull back in '08 and then discovers the bones back in december. he testified that he moved the skull around as well as perhaps the duct tape itself and jose
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baez brought up the animation presented by the prosecution where you see caylee's face morphing into her skull. her he is, jose baez. >> mr. fn fantasy man. dr. warren who for some reason showed you a video of a smiling casey and a smiling casey with some duct tape that he got off the internet. he googled it. got that photo and stuck some duct tape on it on for toe shop and there you go. there is your new murder weapon of the week. that is how she died. well, that is not evidence. and he himself said the only reason i suggested is that to show it could have happened. well, she could have been shot but they don't have a video of her getting shot. even though they could have
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done one. she could have died any number of ways and they didn't show you videos of that. >> now, this being the fourth of july, a national holiday, a lot of people here in the orlando area downtown for the fireworks and a lot of them came by the courthouse to see for themselves the spectacle that is of the casey anthony murder trial and this is the media scrum pounding jose baez, casey anthony's attorney and jay cheney mason as they left the courthouse, just going across the street to get peace and quiet, rest and relaxation and await the jury's deliberation to a verdict. more than 30 media outlets have petitioned the court to get a seat inside the room where the jurors that are willing to participate will give a post verdict news conference whenever that is. we will reseu resume deliberats tomorrow morning at 8:30.
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>> the 7 men and women following the case are following precise inmates instructions found in a 26-page document. the judge warned them not to deviate from the instructions. >> you must follow the rules in order to return a lawful verdict. you must follow the law as it is set out in these instructions. if you fail to follow the law your verdict will be a of jus moments of there is no reason for failing to follow the law in this case. all are us are dependent upon you to make a wise and legal decision in this matter. >> and judge belvin perry noted this is their decision and theirs alone and they are not to talk about the case with any one outside the jury room. holly bristow has been inside the courtroom for the trial. 35 days in, holly, how is the jury holding up. >> it certainly has been. surprisingly they were very
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attentive today. there were worries after yesterday, i saw several getting extremely fidgety and looking around the courtroom more than they had before. but not today. they were completely 100% focused as the state was up there giving rebuttal on the closing arguments and i notice four jurors taking notes particularly at one particular instance right as that now infamous 911 call was being played, the one made by cindy anthony the day that she realized her dwrand daughter missing.aughter was >> she has been missing for a month. her mother finally admitted that she was missing. we are talking about a 3-year-old little girl. my daughter finally admitted that the babysitter stole her. i need to find her. >> the baby is where? >> the baby sitter took her, my
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daughter is looking for her. i just found my daughter today but i can't find my grand daughter. she just admitted to me that she has been trying to find her herself. there is something wrong. i found my daughter's car today and it smells like there has been a dead body in the damn car. >> i notice two jurors looking up while that 91 cal 911 call s being made at casey anthony. you might be wondering what she was doing at that time. she was taking a sip of water. john? >> and there is one statement by the prosecution you found particularly moving today? >> there certainly was. linda drane burdick was bringing her case to a complete case today. she asked who would have a better life if caylee were no longer around. cindy? no, you heard her voice in the 911 call. and she said what about casey and then they played this.
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>> whose life was better? that is the omaha bank question need to answer in considering why caylee marie anthony was left on the side of the road dead. >> strong words and a very memorable image. casey anthony, the bella veda tatoo and there casey anthony in the hot body contest. and that is what the the jury was left with, john. >> we will take a closer look at the charges against casey anthony later this hour with judge alex ferrer. first, the former financial superstar dominique strauss khan has another headache. looks like another accusation is taking shape. who is accusing him and what
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a journalist in france is expected to file an ait rape complaint against the former head of the international monetary fund, dominik strauss khan. he is facing charges that he sexually assaulted a housekeeper in a manhattan hotel. prosecutors are facing an uphill battle because the accuser's credibility is now very much in question. in france, the journalist claims strauss-kahn attack her after an interview in 2002. and now his attorneys are accusing her of slander. >> strauss-kahn has been leading that presidential candidate race in france and we will talk a little bit more about how that may come into question with this.
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benan first made the attempted rape i'm gaikses during an appearance on a french television show. she claimed she had been attacked by a politician later described as strauss-kahn and described the attack as ending badly. h her mother admitted your honoring her daughter not to file a complaint following the incident but she came forward after his arrest for sexual assault in new york and at it her attorney claimd that she would not press charges while the american prosecution was going on. that is because they said they thought in fact the two cases should be kept separate. >> what about the presidential run? there is talk that he could be a presidential candidate. is that gone now? >> at least two polls have come out since this unfolded. a poll released monday was split on whether in fact he should return to politics in france. 51% in favor, 42% dwens. 42 about percent against. a poll came out sunday and he did win over some people based
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on the perceived mistreatment here in the u.s. the american student convicted of murdering her roommate in a drug fueled sex game is trying to keep her story off the air. amanda knox is serving 26 years in an ey italian private prisor killing her room nate lifetime made a movie. knox and her lawyers are now trying to block it from airing in italy. but the lifetime t.v. representative was a no show today in court and a judge postponed the hearing. >> a case against knox's parents also delayed today. meantime, knox is still appealing her co conviction and independent experts reported serious flaws in the dna evidence against her. >> it is great for amanda. we knew if independents looked at it they would support what the defense experts have always
7:19 pm
said. just one step in the right direction. but she is still locked up in that jail so the fight continues. >> the independent dna experts are scheduled to formally report their findings to the court later this month. an important deadline is looming over washington tonight. can lawmakers cut a deal within the next month to prevent our nation from becoming a deadbeat borrower. and a desperate search for survivors after an accident at sea sent american tourists into the water. an update on this deadly wreck, next. [ male announcer ] what is the future of fuel? the debate is over. ♪ lexus hybrid drive technogy is designed to optimize any fuel source on the planet. even those we don't use yet. because when you pursue perfection, you don't just engineer a future-proof hybrid system. you engineer amazing.
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the mexican navy reports a fishing boat carrying more than two dozen americans on an annual fishing trip tipped over this weekend into the gulf of california, sending passengers and crew into the water in the middle of the night and killing at least one person. survivors say it happened a couple of miles offshor offshor the town of san felipe. a sudden storm created two giant waves that up ended the boat. take a look at pictures that the mexican navy took in the hours after the rescues. 27 tour itists and 16 crew members clung to coolers, rescue rings and life vests for hours. other fishing boats were able to rescue many of the pas passengers and all of the crew. tonight the u.s. coast guard is helping out in the search for the others.
7:23 pm
>> the mexican navy worked throughout the day rescuing people but at this point there is about six people still missing and they called the coast guard to request assist yanls with the search to we are sending down one of our helicopters to help out with the search for the remaining people. >> searchers already found the body of a northern california man. the others still missing, all americans, are feared drown. today the united states of america turned 235 years old. 235 years during which time our federal government has never defaulted on its debt. but the obama administration warns thatle happen within the next couple of months if law make ares cannot reach a deal to raise our national credit limit. while we don't know for sure what that will mean, standard & poor's warns it will result in a lower credit rating, making it harder for us to borrow money and potentially reducing confidence in our government
7:24 pm
and our economy. >> the senate is goin back to k on this tomorrow and that is significant. >> they say a deal needs to be hammered out sometime in the next two weeks or so because of procedures on capitol hill. there is great concern about when financial markets may start to react. a leading republican threw out the idea hey, if we are having trouble getting a major deal, what about a mini deal? take a list gln the big problems aren't going to go away if you cut a mini deal. all it does is delay the moment of truth and so i would say better now than then but if we can't then we'll take the savings we can get now and relitigate this as we get closer to the election. >> the white house does not love the idea of a mini deal. white house officials telling me the president made it clear he believes it is in the country's economic interest to get a significant long-term deal done. we'll see. john? >> so it's independence day, how did the president spend his time?
7:25 pm
>> largely oust sight, john. although he did judge wrap up posing for pictures and hugging babies and shaking hands with the armed forces here. some of the military families invited not white house for the independence day celebration. and the president did pay tribute to our men and women in uniform. take a list gln thes listen. >> these american patriots, all represented today and all of you who are out there today, you are the reason why america and our armed forces remain the greatest force for peace and security that the world has ever known. >> this also happens to be daughter malia obama's 13th birthday so there are likely private celebrations. >> cake and candles. as the jury ponders the fate of casey anthony we get
7:26 pm
what to expectp what toak with judge alex ferrer. >> investigators discover a treasure trove of gold statues and precious stones worth billions of dollars. details on the new discovery, next. nationde insurance. what's up ?
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american embassy in london. the former president had close ties to former british prime minister margaret thacher. shthatcher. she was too frail to attend the ceremony. >> and so this statue of ronald reagan is quite clearly a memorial and a commemoration of a glorious past. but more importantly, it is a call to an even more glorious future. thank you very much. >> the dedication of that statue marking 100 years since former president reagan's birth. i'm jon scott in for shepard smith. this is "the fox report". the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. if this truly was an accident in the pool, caylee anthony would have been found floating in the pool not floating in a swamp down the street.
7:30 pm
>> this murder was premeditated. and the defendant is guilty. >> they will ask you to see things that aren't there and imaginel ask you to fictional science. it is a fantasy of forensics. >> passionate closing arguments from both side nls the casey anthony murder trial. the prosecution got the final word today and then the judge addressed the jurors. >> you should use your common sense in deciding which is the best evidence and which evidence should not be relied upon in considering your verdict. no juror should ever be concerned that the defendant did or did not take the witness stand to give testimony in the case. your duty is to determine if the defendant has been proven guilty or not in a court with the law. >> the jir jury of 7 women and5 men began deliberating around noon today. if convicted of the most
7:31 pm
serious charge the young mother could get the death penalty. judge alex ferrer joining us live. judge, as the judge, you are trained to be a neutral observer but which side made the stronger closing arguement? >> i think the prosecution made the stronger closing argument but it is imperative that they do it because they have a high burden. they have to prove it beyond every reasonable doubt to all of the jurors. the defense only has to convince one juror that there is reasonable doubt and one juror can upset the entire apple cart and require a new trial. in the end, i think ms. burdick drove the point home, showing early clips of casey talking to her mother and seeming completely insensitive to this daughter who by her own admission was already dead. i think the prosecution won that battle. >> that clip is something that the jurors hadn't heard since the early days of the trial and
7:32 pm
the prosecution seemed to use it to great effect today. let's listen. >> i saw your nice little cameo on t.v. >> which one? >> what do you mean which one? >> i did four different ones and i haven't seen them all. i have only seen one or two so far. >> you don't know what my involvement is in stuff? >> casey. >> mom. >> what? >> no. >> i don't know what your involvement is, sweetheart. you are not telling me where she's at. >> because i don't [ bleep ] know where she's at, are you king me. >> casey, don't waste your call to scream and holler at me. >> waste my call sitting in the jail where the bunks are. >> whose fault is who is sitting in the jail. are you blaming me that you are sitting in the jail? blame yourself for telling lies. it's not my fault. >> if you would have told them the truth and not lied about everything they wouldn't. >> do me a favor. tell me what tony's number is i don't want to talk to you right now, forget it. >> i don't have his number. >> get it from lee because i
7:33 pm
know lee was at the house. i saw malory's car out front. it was just on the news. they were live outside the house. >> i know they were. >> well? >> well? >> can you get tony's number from me so i can call h him. >> that is what casey anthony looked like in the court. that was her listening in real time as that jailhouse recording was made. that recording made on the day she was arrested in connection with caylee's disappearance and ultimately it led to the murder charge against her. judge, what was the prosecution trying to show with that call? >> well, they were trying to show how erratic behavior she was presenting for a mother who according to the defense had lost her own daughter just a month earlier to this tragic horrible accident and co-en insides with her behavior and going out and partying and getting a tatoo and living it
7:34 pm
up. plays into the prosecution theory that this 23-year-old mother was tired of having a child holding per back. she was in jail at that point still saying her daughter was kidnapped but according to the defense and prosecution she knows that she was dead at that point. >> it seemed to me the prosecution did a very good job of pointing to the duct tape was found wrapped around the little girl's skull and said nobody takes an accident and makes it look like murder. >> that is absolutely true. they coul do the opposite. they take a murder and try to make it look like an accident. nobody does it in the inverse. they made a good point of saying nobody puts duct tape on the face of a child, living or dead unless the goal is to suffocate the child. the medical cominner said that was one of the big factors in determining this was a homicide. and they played up the part that a grieving grandfather who
7:35 pm
finds his granddaughter in the pool drown is not going to dump the body in the woods like a piece of garbage and make it look like a murder. >> judge alex, thanks for watching that trial with us. continuing coverage tomorrow of the casey anthony murder trial. tune in to studio b as we await a verdict in the case. we will have reporters inside and outside the courtroom. plus, our team of legal experts to break it all down. and tonight, judge jeanine pirro hosts a two hour special on the trial beginning right here on fox news channel. police in indianapolis have found a bad di badly decomposey of a woman in a city creek. they have not been able to determine whether it is that of missing indiana university student lauren spearer who was last seen on june 3 walking to her apartment alone after a night out with friends. this is a security camera video of a woman believed to be her
7:36 pm
on the night she disappeared. last week, police in bloomington announced the end of a search because they had no solid leads. an autopsy on the body found in the creek scheduled to take place tomorrow. if the u.s. has information on the location of a suspected terrorist should it try to capture that person or just kill them? the latest debate on america's counter terrorism strategy in a live report coming up. plus, the national 9/11 flag traveling athe u.s. to commemorate the 2001 attack. the rise of freedom and a symbol of american strength, coming up. an accident doesn't have to slow you down. with better car replacement ailable only with liberty mutual auto insurance,
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afghanistan could once again become a haven for al-qaeda should the taliban ever return to power there. that is according to the top u.s. commander in afghanistan general david petraeus. as you may know, later this month general petraeus will be stepping down from his role to head the cia and in an interview with fox the general said the military has had a lot of success eradicating militants but cautioned that the job is not over. >> that task has been accomplished but, of course, it is threatened because, of course, the taliban allowed al-qaeda on afghan soil when it ran the country and we believe that there is a high likelihood that that would happen again. >> the general has also said that the military focus will soon shift from taliban
7:40 pm
strongholds to the boarder with pakistan. capture or kill. that reportedly is the question the obama administration is internally debating when it comes to what to do about wanted terrorists. we all know capturing suspects in the mountains of pakistan or in yemen is not easy and if the recent uptick in predator drone strikes is any indication it appears the white house has its preference. catherine herridge is live in washington with more. >> with no new detainees at guantanamo bay since march of 2008, they said picking al-qaeda operate evanss up alive is a dangerous task and sent offases they are shent shore until a decision can be made. >> what is the longest we can keep an individual on the ship. >> depends whether we can prosecute them or return them to a third-party country. >> what if you can't do any of those? >> we will release that
7:41 pm
individual. >> with no consistent policy on detention and prosecution, congressional and intelligence sources tell fox they fear the preemptive option has become the kill option. multiple al-qaeda operatives been killed by cia operations including an alleged planner of the u.s. embassy in africa. and recently an operational commander was reportedly killed in pakistan. at the recent news conference the president insistd that getting intelligence remained the priority. >> that mitigates against this dainger that you are suggesting that our main goal is going to be to kill these individuals as opposed to potentially capturing them. >> with no new high value captures some analysts say the intelligence is being hurt long-term and just last week the obama administration said the new corner stone of its counter terrorism strategy is surgical strikes. john? >> catherine herridge in
7:42 pm
washington, thanks. you're welcome. >> the rise of freedom now. fox has been following the rebuilding of the world trade center site and the rebuilding of an american flag. a flag that came apart in the long and agonizing days after attacks of 9/11. we caught up with it again as it was criss-crossing the states. hoor ihere is shepard smith. >> it appeared over ground zero in the days after 9/11. a 30-foot long flag meant to be a symbol of hope but it fell apart and that upset volunteers who were picking up the pieces at the twin towers. >> it became an issue with some of the construction workers after a couple of weeks because of the deterioration it was suffering by blowing in the wind against scaffolding.
7:43 pm
>> the construction manager had a crew take it down. >> there were a lot of pies missing and t was shredded pretty good. >> he put it away for 7 years. he was going to have the flag honorably retired. instead he and his friend jeff barnett decided toet america bring old glory back to its glory. >> we are letting local communities around the country stitch it back together. >> it started when charlie and jeff went to greensburg, kansas, to help folks there rebuilding after a devastating tornado. a group of women taking flags that survived that storm and using them to patch the ground zero flag back together like a good old fashioned quilting bee. >> so many things we will never be able to make whole again but u this we can make whole. >> today the the stars and stripes looking less like a quilt and more like its original self. matching patches of fabric from
7:44 pm
other flags now held the red white and blue together. americans hand sewing the flags in towns across the country in places touched by tragedy like pearl harbor in hawaii and fort hood, texas. >> we will have twine 20,000 and 30,000 stitchs. >> veterans and other local heros getting first dibs. but any one can line up and take a turn. each stitch as individual as the person who maked them. >> i apologized to them because now my tears are on the flag. >> catherine cross cried as she made a stitch in monitoringer >> i recognize the sacrifice of my son and all of the others we lost in service to our country. >> every time i hear the star
7:45 pm
spangled banner, gave proof through the night that our flag was there still, it's still here and to me is getting more beautiful every day. >> the flag is in north carolina. 15 more states to go along with the district of columbia abefore the remembrance of the attacks of 9/11. wunls completed tle b t will ba part of the permanent collection at the museum. to see the complete series visit our website at fox news .com/freedom. the four astronauts who will fly the last ever scheduled space shuttle mission have arrived in florida. the astronauts made the customary flight from houston to the kennedy space center on t-38 jets ahead of friday's planned launch. shuttle a atlantis is set to carry up supplies before it returns and rolls into retirement. shepard smith will be down in
7:46 pm
florida for the launch and anchoring special coverage at 11:00 a.m. eastern time on friday. independence day is going out not with a bank but with more of a fizzle across much of the south. many communities have banned fireworks this year because the land is so dry and the risk of fires is he is high. take a look at how many areaias are in a severe drought. it has spread across a dozen states. leaders in many of those area are restricting the use of fireworks with some even banning the use of sparklers. i fireworks set to be on full display in our national's capitol. thousands on gratitude greating for the annual spectacular. we will go there live, next. >> a frightening moment for a bomb quad following up on a it tip. watch. that's much more on that story coming up on "the fox report". ] the network.
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folks across the country celebrating our nation's 235th birthday through parades and fireworks displays. and in our nation's capital, thousands gathering near the washington monument awaiting the annual show in the skies above the national mall. steve centanni with news live from the mall in washington. i guess security is very tight today, steve? >> a couple hundred thousand people down here. security is always a big concern for police here. they have ha robust security presence, mumen multilayered. one includes an old standby, the bomb sniffing dogs. a lot of undercover police officers. some technology they are not talking about and this is the first fourth of july since osama bin laden was killed and
7:51 pm
the spokesman for the park police says they take into account all of the things happening around the world. let's listen. >> monitors events in the world, nationally and locally and see how thaim pact that imn events for today and we are sure we will have a safe and enjoyable 235th birthday for this country. >> a very mellow evening here in washington, d.c. and everybody looking forward to the big fireworks display. john? >> what about thunderstorms? threat of that? is there still going to be a fireworks show? >> there still would be. yesterday there were severe thunderstorms here in the dak area with one fatality and trees down and power out. they were worried that could happen again but so far, so good. the skies are cloudy. today the parade earlier dad we had good weather. if they had to evacuate the mall they could do it. they just put people into the buildings nearby and then when
7:52 pm
the thunderstorms move through they bring everybody back out for the fireworks show. everybody having a good time on the fourth of july here in washington. john, back to you. >> looks like fun to me. >> come on down. >> you bet. a surprise return home for venezuelan president hugo chavez after widespread speculation about his health. he revealed he had been in cuba for cancer treatment but appeared happy and energetic as he treat greeted supporters and vowed to win his health battle. he joined iran and cuba in opposing the united states. i may also face a tough reelection next year as venezuela struggles with a high crime rate, power shortages and widespread poverty. an explosives expert accidentally trlgers a car bomb and it is all caught on
7:53 pm
responsibility for the attack. south africa. thousands of engineering workers marching in johannesburg demanding better pay. they reportedly want a 13% increase while their employers are offering about half that. india. heavy rains triggering floods in more than 100 villages in the east. many rivers in the region overflowing. one villager says workers built a dam but that it did not help the situation. local reports indicate the area was suffering from extreme drought right before the rains hit. authorities say they are trying to protect other area from the high water. china.
7:54 pm
a deluge in a northwest province creating waterfalls that are now attracting lots of onlooker jses. it has been raining heavily in the area since friday. the flooding expected to last another few day. meanwhile, visitors can get nice paragraphs of the scene. that is a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. government officials in india making a new discovery beneath a centuries old temple. worth an unofficial $22 billion. the government now stepping up security at that temple. investigators recently opened four vaults that have been sealed for more than 100 year is. inside they found statues of gods made of solid gold and studded with precious stones. some social activists say the treasure should go toward helping are the poor. it is as much a part of the fourth of july as fireworks and backyard cookouts. the annual nathan's famous hot
7:55 pm
coneyting contest at connie island. we will show you the champions including the first ever champion of theus women's hot g eating competition. that's next. my pipes might leak. but i learned there's something more i can do. now, i take care with vesicare. once-daily vesicare can help control your bladder muscle and is proven to treat overactive bladder with symptoms of frequent urges and leaks day and night. if you have certain stomach or glaucoma problems, or trouble emptying your bladder, do not take vesicare. vesicare may cause allergic reactions that may be serious. if you experience swelling of the face, lips, throat or tongue, stop taking vesicare and get emergency help. tell your doctor right away if you have severe abdominal pain, or become constipated for three or more days. vesicare may cause blurred vision, so use caution while driving or doing unsafe tasks. common side effects are dry mouth, constipation,
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and indigestion. so why wait ? ask your doctor today... ... about taking care with vesicare.
7:57 pm
a woman weighing a little more than 100-pounds putting away 40 hot dogs in just ten minutes to win the first ever women's nathan's international hot dog eating contest. sonya thomas also known as the black widow was just one dog shy of her record of 41
7:58 pm
wieners. in previous contests the women competed with the men but officials say they weren't getting enough of the spot light. on the men side joe. >> chestnut scarfed down 62 dogs to win his fifth consecutive mustard belt. the equivalent of about 20,000 calories. >> before we go, our teams top five stuff of the day. number five, a michigan inmate suing a jail because officials won't let him have pornography. he says it violates his rights, number four, new mexico officials planning to reopen los alamos national laboratory. number two, cops in indiana finding a woman's decomposing body in a creek. they are trying to determine whether it is that of a missing college student. number one, the jury new deliberating in the casey anthony murder trial after getting the case earlier today. that is "the fox reports" top
7:59 pm
five. and on this day in 1804, famous american explorers lewis and clark fired a cannon and celebrated the first ever fourth of july west of the mississippi river. their ex-p expedition had begux weeks earlier with the goal of reaching the shores of the pacific ocean. on the fourth of july they were in what is now northeastern, kansas. they had stopped to camp on a prairie at mouth of what they named independence creek in honor of the day. at sunset they fired the cannon and gave each of their men an extra ration of whiskey to celebrate. adventurers honored america 207 years guy tonight. that must have been special. that is the fox report for monday, the 4th of july, independence day, 2011. thanks for having us into your home tonight. we will be back tomorrow with studio b a


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